Civil and industrial  systems 


for all environments, from large industrial areas to small homes.

The creation of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
air treatment systems

Air treatment systems
Air treatment plants in the industrial and hospital industry.
fire-fighting and water

Fire-fighting and water
Installation and maintenance of fire-fighting systems.
electrical panels

Electrical panels
Electrical panels, medium- and low-voltage systems.
control systems

Control systems
Design and production of remote management systems.

Our  services 

Technological systems
Our company produces technological systems for both industrial and residential facilities, installing components and devices following the highest technology in the industry, not leaving out simplicity, safety and functionality of the system. All systems created by Intec S.r.l. are always guaranteed and assisted, providing the client with a complete solution.
Intec S.r.l. is specialized in the systems’ coordination and maintenance management. In such cases the structure of the company allows it to plan ordinary and extraordinary operations through an organizational methodology which consistently guarantees a real feedback with the client.
Electrical panels
We can make any type of electrical panel, podium or control deck, including special panels for clients with special specifications. All electrical panels are manufactured in compliance with EC standards. Operator’s safety and the accuracy of cabling, up to the smallest detail, are mandatory for us.
Control systems
Intec S.r.l. works in the field of control and automation for industrial plants, such as boilers, heating furnaces and treatment guidelines in the steel industry, providing either parts or complete control systems, based either on digital controllers or on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with operator interface stations (MMI) and plant supervision.

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